Shopables - Create embeddable shoppable images and sliders

Why Shopables?

Increased Attention

It creates more attention than normal product images.

Increased CTR

Drive up your CTR using shopables which prompt actions from viewer.

Instant Info

By just hovering over image, viewer gets all the details of the product.

Shopables was created to monetize normal product images and to prompt an action from user through those product images.

  • Shopables increase your sales by increasing click through rates to product sales page using its shopables product tags.
  • It also gives viewer a quick information about the product in a seamless manner.
  • Our shopables tags are very effective, there are multiple ways you can use our tags i.e Open, Closed and Hover. Click here to know more about them.
  • With Shopables, when a person loves a product in an image, now with one click they can effortlessly visit the product page and make a purchase!

Shopables is created to monetize normal product images. It turns up the engagement of the images because of its animated shoppable tags. Which prompts an actions from the user and drive traffic to the product page.