Shopables - Create embeddable shoppable images and sliders


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is customization in premium plan?
  • Customizations will allow you to change the behavior of details box. You can set them to be closed, opened and on hover.

  • What are these behaviors?
  • In closed one, your details boxes for each tag will be closed. User will need to click on the tag to view product details. In opened one, your product details boxes will be opened already. In Hover option, details boxes will only appear when user hover over the image. This is the most engaging method.

  • What users are free users?
  • If you have days less than 8 days you will be free user of this. We provide 8 days free trial.

  • How do i upgrade my plan?
  • If you are on Lite plan, just simply go to purchase plan and purchase the Pro plan. It will automatically change your plan to Pro.

  • What does "creations" means?
  • Creations means creating single images and slider images.

  • Can i edit my creations?
  • In the current update 1.1 you can edit your old created images and sliders. In next update we'll add this.

  • What users are premium users?
  • If you have more than 8 days you will be premium users and you'll enjoy premium features.