Shopables - Create embeddable shoppable images and sliders

About Us

Our Story.

Shopables is creates a new way to monetize your blog. It will help you get more conversions. Its animated shoppable tags create lot of attention and it prompts action from user.

It gives users instant information about any product shown in the photo and they can go to product page directly with one click of button.

I'm Usama & I am the Founder CEO Creator of Shopables. I continously comes up with new exciting ideas every two or three months and then I work on them with my developer who is 1200 KM away from me and somehow we finish our projects without ever meeting in person. He do most of the coding and i do most of the design.

I was running a eCommerce store and along with it a blog. So we started using our shoppable images and it worked for us very well. So we decided to open it for public.